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Acumatica Cloud ERP FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Acumatica SaaS offering and how does it benefit businesses?

Acumatica’s SaaS offering provides a comprehensive cloud ERP solution, optimizing business processes through integrated management features. It benefits businesses with scalability, cost-efficiency, and real-time data accessibility, ideal for dynamic and growing companies.

What services does Acumatica manage directly under its SaaS subscription?

Under its SaaS subscription, Acumatica manages essential services including cloud hosting, data security, automatic software updates, and regular backups, ensuring a reliable and secure environment for business operations.

What is the Always Current Program and how does it benefit users?

The Always Current Program ensures that Acumatica users always have access to the latest software updates and innovations without additional costs, maintaining system efficiency and offering the latest ERP functionalities.

What are the advantages of choosing Acumatica's SaaS solutions over private cloud options?

Acumatica’s SaaS solutions offer greater flexibility, lower total cost of ownership, and reduced IT overhead compared to private cloud options. Users benefit from a maintenance-free, secure, and scalable ERP system

How can users access their Acumatica SaaS ERP solution?

Users can access Acumatica SaaS ERP through any web-enabled device, providing flexibility to manage business operations from anywhere, enhancing productivity and operational responsiveness.

How does Acumatica support separate databases for different companies?

Acumatica allows businesses to maintain separate databases for different company entities, facilitating tailored configurations and ensuring data integrity and security for each distinct operation.

Are users able to customize their Acumatica environment for different companies?

Yes, Acumatica enables extensive customization for different companies within its platform, allowing users to tailor functionalities to meet specific business needs and preferences, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

How does Acumatica handle customization without direct database access?

Acumatica provides robust API support and modular customization options, allowing users to enhance functionality without direct database modifications, safeguarding system integrity and security.

How does Acumatica manage maintenance and updates within its SaaS model?

Acumatica handles all maintenance and updates centrally, ensuring that all users benefit from the latest features and security patches without service interruption or additional IT workload.

Is Acumatica service available during scheduled maintenance?

Yes, Acumatica ensures service availability during scheduled maintenance by employing advanced cloud infrastructure and planning updates during off-peak hours, minimizing business disruption.

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