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Distribution Management Software

Streamline and automate the entire quote-to-cash process and enhance decision-making in wholesale business with comprehensive, connected, and mobile distribution ERP software.


Industry-Specific Solutions for Wholesale Distribution 

Tailor applications to specific sectors like fashion, home goods, electronics, health and beauty, and more.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module streamlines your entire stock control, ensuring effective distribution management and cost tracking.

Key Features Include:
  • Smart Stock Recommendations: Utilize sales history to make informed inventory replenishment decisions, maintaining optimal stock levels and improving cash flow.
  • Warehouse Management: Seamlessly administer multiple storage locations, with specific user access and localized stock counts and valuation.
  • Diverse Inventory Valuation: Apply various valuation methods such as FIFO, average cost, and more, tailored to each inventory item.
  • Detailed Inventory Tracking: Use subitems to monitor inventory attributes like size and color, with comprehensive reporting on both specifics and summarized data.
Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Acumatica’s WMS enhances the Distribution Edition by integrating barcode scanning, providing instantaneous insights into inventory management. Accessible via mobile and fortified by the cloud, it streamlines warehouse functions and ensures data reaches decision-makers fluidly.


  • Advanced pick list and packing slip generation, facilitating wave, batch, and bulk processing.
  • Barcode integration to quicken and error-proof the picking process.
  • Optimized picker routing and task distribution.


  • Customized packaging selections for secure delivery.
  • Barcode and lot/serial number utilization for order accuracy.
  • Integrated scale and printer connections for label and slip production.


  • Carrier selection includes major and international providers through ShipEngine.
  • Automated label creation and shipment tracking.
  • Proactive shipment status updates to customers.

These enhancements aim to optimize warehouse productivity and accuracy in order fulfillment.

Procurement Management

Purchasing Management within Acumatica facilitates a seamless procurement process, balancing supply needs with rigorous controls.

Features to Enhance Procurement:

  • Automated purchase orders based on inventory needs, optimizing for cost and delivery.
  • Configurable multi-level approvals for stringent control over purchases.
  • Strategic use of blanket orders for discounts and securing in-demand items
Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management is a central hub for sales-related operations, offering comprehensive insights and control over the sales lifecycle.

Sales Management Enhancements:

  • Streamlined workflow automation for efficient order processing.
  • Advanced discount and promotion structures, including multi-tiered pricing strategies.
  • A range of order types to reflect the diverse sales scenarios, from quotes to returns.


Requisition Management

Acumatica's Requisition Management module streamlines complex ordering and distribution involving various items and suppliers.

Key Features:

  • Request Automation: Streamlines order collection and fulfillment, empowering authorized users to easily manage requisitions while automating the approval process.
  • Defined Workflows: Structures the requisition process with approval routes to optimize order delivery and profitability.
  • Vendor Engagement: Simplifies supplier communication by digitalizing proposal requests and facilitating swift vendor selection.
  • Sales Quotes to Orders: Efficiently generates sales quotes that can be converted into orders and purchase orders once approved.

This module is designed to optimize procurement efficiency and sales response in dynamic distribution environments.Sales Order Management is a central hub for sales-related operations, offering comprehensive insights and control over the sales lifecycle.



Acumatica Wholesale Distribution Software

Check 5 Ways Acumatica Simplifies Item Management  For Wholesale Distributors➡️

Seamless Processes

✔ Streamline item management using lot and serial tracking.
✔ Enhance warehouse operations with mobile WMS applications that include barcoding.
✔ Increase sales through customizable CRM sales workflows.

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